Via de' Tornabuoni

Reception view from lobby  at Grand Hotel Minerva

Via de' Tornabuoni, or Via Tornabuoni, has been one of Florence's most prestigious streets since the Renaissance. Today it features the finest boutiques of high fashion designers and jewelry makers, giving it a special refinement and elegance. Strolling along it is a true delight, both for the majesty of its Renaissance buildings and for the peace that reigns in this oasis of luxury, a center of true fashion. Alongside major Florentine brands like Ferragamo and Gucci, there are many other famous international labels. Stroll over to Via della Vigna Nuova too, a nearby offshoot, likewise full of shops and boutiques of top designers. Another major shopping street is Via Roma, with its elegant 19th-century buildings and its many shops, such as the elegant Luisa Via Roma shop.

Via dè Tornabuoni 50123 Firenze Italy